SOMAY Roof Paint Protects and Preserves Roofs


SOMAY is frequently asked for roof paints that can be applied to sloped roof surfaces primarily for aesthetic reasons. These types of roof paint are NOT formulated to waterproof the roof, prevent leaks, or windproof the roof but they will certainly make the roof look a whole lot better!

It is also possible to change the color of an asphalt or fiberglass shingle roof with our roof paint, if a dark red roof, for example, is not your cup of tea, follow the link below for SOMAY suggested solutions.

And to make your roof painting process even easier, we include a link to a chart to help you calculate the roof surface area.

Once you know the square foot area that needs to be coated, then it is easy to calculate the correct amount of roof paint that will be needed for a successful result. The square foot spreading rate for each paint is included in the paragraph and chart describing each paint.

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